We clean, maintain, and repair all types and brands of Pilates equipment, including: reformers, Cadillacs, towers, spine correctors, barrels, chairs, guillotines, and accessories.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:



     The Classical Reformer consist of 10 wheels in total. The main 4 wheels (carriage wheels) are directly under the carriage and they roll on the track as the carriage moves. The other 4 (side wheels) are on the sides of the carriage to avoid friction between the carriage and the frame. The other 2 (back wheels) are on the back of the reformer and they allow the straps to flow smoothly functioning as a pulley system. Each set of wheels wear and tear differently and at different rates.

We specialize in removing, cleaning and lubricating all wheels, as well as the axel screws that the wheels spin on, and the washers for every set of wheels. In addition, we replace any bolts, screws, washers, castors and the wheels. The most common service initially needed for most reformers (Regular service) is the maintenance of the main 4 carriage wheels. These wheels wear faster due to their constant use, anytime the reformer moves at any degree. They carry the weight of the person using the reformer, which wears the main wheels at a more accelerated rate. (Note: the main carriage wheels are only serviced after inspecting the reformer and determining that there are no safety hazards with other wheels or part of the reformer that should be addressed immediately). If the technician determines that any additional work needs to be done on the other wheels (side + back wheels), the technician will advise during the maintenance, if the wheels need to be done immediately. Afterward, the technician will provide a report specify the additional work needed for the reformer.

Full Service is the maintenance of all 10 wheels on any reformer. During this service, all 10 wheels will be removed as well as the axel screws and the washers. All parts get cleaned with a degreaser and lubricated with white lithium grease. The full service also includes a complete safety check of all of screws, hinges, straps, handles, footbar, gearbar, track, links, hooks and headrest. Note: This service does NOT include deep cleaning, spring service, replacement or installation of parts such as headrest, shoulder blocks, footbar, upholstery or refurbishing.

If you are interested in doing maintenance yourself… we offer Skype calls!



     Spring service varies from each piece of equipment. The type of spring also matters in the way the spring is serviced and checked for safety.

In General: All springs are checked for wear by analyzing the consistency between the coils as the spring expands. Inconsistency usually means the spring is damaged or worn. This can result in the spring breaking unexpectedly. It also causes a spring out of a pair to be harder or easier to extend, creating an inconsistency in the workout when using them.

Springs generally have a “squeak” caused between the friction of the spring and the hook placed inside the spring. Springs also “squeak” when the hook or loop makes friction with the piece of equipment they attached to for example: the gear bar, eye hooks on the tour, or even the hardware on handles (arm springs). Note: Refer to “A squeaky Reformer” section for a more thorough description of these symptoms and a quick solution.

Other springs have more of a crackling” sound as they expand or retract. This is usually due to damaged and/or overused springs and may be time to change them. Some springs could be serviced to reduce this sound but does not mean the spring is guaranteed a longer life.

We thoroughly inspect springs, keeping an eye out for any rusty discoloration, or kinks that may effect spring performance. If salvageable, we service the spring in question. If we deem that it would be detrimental to continue to use a spring we would advise to seek a replacement. Luckily, we have replacement springs! 

Note: Springs are sold separately. Spring Service does NOT include the replacement of springs in the case that the equipment needs a replacement.


Deep Cleaning

     Our deep cleaning services serve more of an aesthetic purpose. Is your equipment a little on the filthy side? We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and will get into any nitty gritty nook and cranny with even a speck of dust and rid any equipment of dirt. Utilizing angled plastic toothpicks and Q-tips we can get in those spots where dirt, dust, hair, and grease accumulate. We use a special formula cleaning agent to really make things shine! We recommend at least one deep clean every year. 



     Over time parts can become obsolete and may be in need of replacement.

You may have noticed:

  • Wheels can become worn down, or nuts and bolts may lose their threading.

  • You've calibrated the straps on your reformer as much as you can and still find them to be uneven.

  • Eye hooks can be bent or clips and links have worn down thin.

  • Foot bar cover, pads, handles or upholstery may need replacement

    It's OK, these things happen and we've got you covered. We replace parts and hardware including, but not limited to: springs, wheels, nuts, bolts, screws, headrest pieces, handles, clips, etc. 



    Our refurbishing specialist can help you bring any of your aged equipment back to life. Wood and leather are very susceptible to becoming worn and may require some attention to look and function at it's best. By sanding down the exterior edges of the wood we smoothen out any chips and get rid of any surface level stains that come with time. After, we apply a glossy finish to give the impression of a shiny new piece of material. 



     We would consider this our most valuable service because  safety is one of our primary imperatives. To ensure the comfort and wellbeing of all Pilate-doers is our goal. We provide safety checks with our regular maintenance services, which is comprised of tightening all screws, bolts, hooks, handles, straps, head rest, shoulder blocks, footbar, hinges, clips and links that may have loosened over time, as it is quite common that the equipment grows more worn with usage. We prioritize maintaining a high standard of safety and security by keeping a keen eye on the condition of screws, bolts, hooks, and the other tiny details that can make, or break, your Pilates experience. 

    To avoid compromising the safety of your clients be sure to routinely check your equipment, or contact us with any questions or comments. We are always willing to provide consultation when needed, and on-demand servicing.

Note: Safety Check does NOT include Spring service or any additional wheel service that is not a safety hazard. It also does NOT include the replacement or installation of any parts or equipment.


Installation and Transportation of Equipment

     Looking to move locations? Have any new equipment that you want assembled, delivered, or installed? Our moving team can help you with transporting your equipment in an expedient and safe way with no disruption to your studio! 



We upholster!!! Description coming soon but contact us for questions