If you come to service our equipment, do I have to close my studio?  No, you don't have to close the studio. We can work around any sessions that are being conducted, but we prefer to work in your studio when it is not busy.

Would you be available to service only one malfunctioning piece of equipment? Yes, we can come and service whatever equipment is needed.

How long is your response time? That depends on both parties schedules and location. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How often do I need servicing? This depends on how often your equipment gets used; however, for most studios servicing would be at least 2-4 times a year. We recommend a deep clean every year.

What is included in regular maintenance? We will service the main wheels, side wheels, and back wheels. We check all clips, nuts, bolts, and wheels for damage. We offer equipment solutions/recommendations and keep detailed records of what has been serviced.

What if I have a rip in the upholstery? Duct tape works very well to save time. Otherwise, the equipment will need to be reupholstered.  

Do you handle upgrades? We are continuously working on improvements with each piece of apparatus as we notice more issues and are keeping track of feedback.

What is the cost of your services? The price of each service will depend on the needs of each studio. Please contact us for an estimate. We can personalize each package based on your studio needs.

Do you offer a payment plan? We do not offer payment plans at this time.

Do you provide an equipment evaluation and estimate before work begins? We would be more than happy to offer an evaluation and/or estimate before we begin work.