Pilates Pro Maintenance is a full-service maintenance company that works towards restoring Pilates equipment to meet the highest health and safety standard. With fast and reliable on-site care, Pilates Pro Maintenance is dedicated to keeping your studio in tip-top condition so that you can run your business without worry, or interruption. As entrepreneurs and practitioners in Pilates and maintenance industries, we bring a unique combination of business acumen and personalized attention to client needs. We provide complete service packages that fit seamlessly into your Pilates offerings. 


Our Team
Adrianne Yurgosky and Teofilo Encarnacion Are Co-Founders of Pilates Pro Maintenance.

     Adrianne Yurgosky is a certified Pilates instructor dedicated to inspiring people towards better health and wellness through Pilates. As a college athlete, a painful case of sciatica in combination with scoliosis caused her to turn to Pilates for healing. After witnessing firsthand the powerful effects Pilates had on her body and mind, she sought to share this form of fitness and healing with others for over 10 years now. She is the owner of Westside Pilates (Upper West Side + Long Island City) and attends to a wide variety of longstanding clients and staff. With an industrial engineer as her father, Adrianne has always been comfortable around the underbelly of equipment and knows her way around a tool box. 

Teofilo Encarnacion is a maintenance engineer, overseeing real-estate properties and staff. Raised in the Bronx, Teofilo picked up his technical skills in several fields of work while working at his family's auto shop.  He is very familiar with the mechanics of how each part works together to perform its important function. Over the past several years, Teofilo has been working in property management. He has become a jack of all trades, having experience in painting, carpentry, construction, electrical etc. He is also a Pilates mat instructor and will be starting the comprehensive apparatus certification at Real Pilates in the fall.